Patriot Developers & Excavating, L.L.C. is a privately held company. Our vision is simply: to continually achieve and produce a quality product, contribute to the local economy, and obtain customer satisfaction through a work force committed to high standards.

With our combined experience, we look for innovative ways to help work with our clients to maximize money spent—not just in the short term, but also looking to the future, as some projects are phased in and grow with time.

We represent a diversified and qualified work force, so as problems arise, we seek optimal solutions through difficult situations. When others have run into arduous conditions, Patriot Developers & Excavating, LLC has a history of being contacted to help with the undertaking, and successfully completing varying degrees of difficulty.

We continually push the envelope for aggressive scheduling and look for a quick build to occupancy, along with incorporating environmental friendly practices.

Whether your requirements are for new construction, renovation projects, utility work, marine, excavation, a small residential site and septic system, or a full turn-key commercial operation ----Patriot Developers & Excavating, LLC has comprehensive experience that will produce quality results from engineering to a timely completion for your project.